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Any business has two resources it can deploy in order to ensure the success of the strategic plan: capital and talent. There is an optimal way to deploy each of these resources and how effectively this is done will ultimately determine the profitability of the organisation. Coleman Grace will ensure that the talent side of this equation is optimised, giving you maximum competitive advantage, reducing costs and providing the leadership team with the confidence that the right talent, with the right skills, will be in the right place, at the right time, to deliver their strategic vision.


We will seamlessly integrate into your existing team, on short, medium and long term projects, across each of the five key areas of your talent strategy.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Where is the company heading? What are the key milestones along the way? What talent is required to deliver your strategy?

Talent Management

What steps are required to ensure that the needs of the talent pool, and the business, intersect at the perfect time for both parties?

Internal Mobility

This is the structured movement of talent into clearly identified roles and is the result of your talent mobility and succession plans.


There are many tactical tools available to you, but to win the war for talent they will need to form part of a proactive long term talent plan.

Business Intelligence

The talent team will provide up to the minute business intelligence and identify new corporate development ideas.

What can we do for you?

Working with Coleman Grace provides you with a market leading in house recruitment team, an executive search firm, a management consultancy, an interim manager, a research provider, a leadership risk consultancy and a talent management company, all rolled into one fully integrated business partner.

Who are we?

Coleman Grace was founded in 2012 to provide an agile and astute service focused on delivering maximum return on talent investment required for driving businesses forward. Our experience covers cross-industry and cross-sector roles, with project successes from principal right through to continental leaders.

Bill Blair
Bill Blair


Bill is the founder of Coleman Grace and has over 8 years’ global talent acquisition experience. Starting his career recruiting Engineering leaders within the Natural Resources industry, he then moved into Financial Services, where he worked on high-level change and transformation assignments before setting up and building a finance practice for a major international firm.

Since founding Coleman Grace, Bill has worked with a range of clients across major industries as well as with consulting, advisory and private equity firms, delivering assignments in a number of areas.

Bill Blair
Peter De Norville


Peter has more than twenty years of resourcing experience. Having initially started his career in New York working on board-level assignments within investment banking, he then joined a human resources consultancy, helping global business leaders to meet the specific strategic and operational resourcing challenges facing their individual businesses. In this role he drove a lot of the innovation that is now best practice within numerous in-house resourcing functions around the world, particularly in the fields of talent acquisition, talent management, internal mobility, strategic workforce planning and diversity.

He then led the global talent and resourcing function at Legal & General, a FTSE 100 company headquartered in the United Kingdom. Peter returned to the consulting world in joining Coleman Grace in 2013 and works with a diverse group of industry, private equity and professional services, clients, on a wide range of strategic and operational resourcing projects.

Bill Blair
Callum Blair


Callum began his career in 2012 at Hays where he resourced senior level executives within banking and finance. Following this, Callum worked for Reed where he focussed on senior accounting and finance positions, working with many  FTSE 250 constituents, as well as with some of the United Kingdom’s top accounting firms.

Since joining Coleman Grace in August 2014, he has successfully completed a number of assignments at a senior management level across multiple industries and with particular success within Professional Services.


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